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This is a list of character's currently being recast or those who have acquired significant in-game canon - this list is not definitive and only includes character's whose details could be consequential to game play. Feel free to contact the mods if you have any concerns.

STAMFORD JORKINS The Ministry of Magic's go-to PR guy, he's on the cusp of a nervous breakdown and can't help but feel a little uneasy over the Ministry's increasingly dictatorial measures.

ALECTO AND AMYCUS CARROW Three words: ugly, low-class and stupid.

DELILAH WILKES A manipulative, aspiring Death Eater, she had a relationship with Sirius Black, however she refused his eventual proposal for marriage.

STEVENS A very young and cowardly Slytherin boy - he is mercilessly picked on by nearly everyone and is often named in threads just to serve as a punching bag. He has been used by Bellatrix as test subject of sorts - a good form of practise for young Death Eater's in casting Crucio and Imperius.

THE WEREWOLF PACK The situation for werewolves is rather bleak. Prejudice has driven them to join Fenrir Greyback's cult-like pack. Of course, Fenrir's behaviour does nothing but fuel the prejudice so it's become a vicious circle. While he opens his arms to any werewolf willing to join him, Fenrir expects them to abide by his beliefs - or rather abide by what he doesn't believe in, which is human society and everything it entails. They're beasts - and they've embraced this. Upon joining Fenrir they shed their human names and take on a Norse name. The pack is allied to Voldemort on a basis of convenience rather then any sort of agreement with his values. In short, they're a dangerous roving band of cannibalistic hobos. It is requested your PB conform to this.

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