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Yet another apology.


I went on holiday with some friends as a way of becoming cheerful again. 
It worked, but I've realised I've neglected my RPing.
Really sorry about that. Especially to Andy Pandy Pie Face. :P

I'm back now though, so let's party. 

I may have misjudged...

So remember how I said "Oh, March will be better, I'll have free time to play then" ?


Real life continues to be a bit too problems, family issues, work insanity, going back to school...

I would like to stop being a grownup now, thanks.

But the truth is, as much as I love playing Lucius and love all of you, I just can't devote the time I'd like to (or really any time at all) to the game. Lucius shouldn't just be silent in the shadows, he should be out there spoiling his wife and making connections and torturing Muggles and buying Dark objects...

If it's okay with the mods, I'll give it a couple more weeks and see what happens, but right now, real life might win and I might have to pull out of the game.



A leave of absence

Hi, everybody!  Just FYI, I'll be gone from Sunday night to Friday morning (the 14th-19th), and then Saturday morning to the Sunday a week hence (the 20th to the 28th).  Spring break, baby!  

I'll try to get on every so often, but I'll be busy hiking and canoeing and being at Disneyland.  

Try not to have too much fun without me!  :)

(Maire, Dirk, Gil, Sybill)

Glendy Needs a Boyfriend!

It's true. I am actually pimping out my little Glendy.

You see, I think she needs to grow a bit. Glenda is no stranger to dating, she dates quite often, sometimes just for the sake of not being single, but I think she actually needs to fall in love for once.

The boy doesn't have to truly love her back. He can even use her for his own selfish purposes, for all I care. I just think it's time for my baby to grow up.

Random facts about Glenda, if you're too lazy to read her app:

She's a pureblood Slytherin. However, she doesn't give a damn about blood statuses and has dated half bloods before. A mudblood would be something new, but she'd do it to piss off her mum.

She has a thing for asses. She really, really does.

She bores easily, so she tries to find amusement by pestering others.

Though she acts quite sure of herself, this is a mask to cover how incredibly shy and self conscious she is.

Anyone want to give it a go? :3
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How I love real life

Just an FYI...sorry I've been MIA. Work is kicking my backside as we're shorthanded (which means I get to cover someone else's work on top of my already crazy workload) PLUS I'm gearing up for a dance performance the first weekend of March. It's pretty much work, dance, eat, maybe sleep for a couple hours, repeat.

So I'll probably continue to be super sparse until after the first weekend of March. I'm still checking emails and such, so if anything super relevant to Lucius comes up, feel free to poke at me. Other than that, I'll be better able to plot and thread in March.


Out Of Pocket

The next few days, possibly into next week, I won't have much time for intense threading. I'll be able to answer tags about once or twice a day at most. I am moving out of my house into an apartment and the stress and the business of all that is killing my fun time. Bah.

Using angry icon to express how I feel about this nonsense.